With a solid 30 year background in marketing; 20+ year background as real estate investors; 15+ years of professional coaching and mentoring expertise; and nearly a decade of actively working in real estate marketing right up to the present, we bring the experience and expertise to get you to where you want to be in the real estate industry.

We’ve been coaching entrepreneurs since 1999 – long before coaching was “a thing”. We’d love to help YOU overcome your challenges, and achieve your goals.

But before you put your trust in us to coach and mentor you in overcoming your challenges, we want you to have complete confidence in working with us. Read on to learn more about us, our background, expertise, credentials and qualifications – then decide if we’re right for you!

Meet the Marketing Minds
Behind The Success Strategy ™ Coaching

Chris and Linda have both been entrepreneurs their entire adult lives. Over the past 30 years, they’ve launched and operated several successful 6-figure businesses, including an internationally recognized company; have been successful property investors for 20+ years; developed an internationally recognized training, certification and coaching program in another industry which they successfully ran for 15 years; and have now spent close to a full decade operating a successful marketing business in the real estate industry.

In addition to being real estate investors themselves, they work alongside Realtors on a daily basis – from top producers and some of the biggest names in the market, right through to new agents who are just getting their start. This puts them in a unique position, giving them an insider’s view into the inner workings of the real estate market. They have the benefit of a close-up perspective into what works ad what doesn’t for realtors and investors alike, along with the opportunity to see every possible scenario, situation, and strategy play out in real time, equipping them with a rare and unique level of knowledge to draw upon.

They mentor and coach real estate investors, guiding them in strategies for successful buy and hold models, as well as buy and flip, and new builds. They are proficient at executing strategic “rescues” when a property investor has found themselves “stuck” with a deal gone wrong whereby they provide guidance and mentorship for the investor in turning the situation around for a successful outcome.

Chris and Linda also coach licensed realtors throughout the US and Canada in building their real estate businesses through custom-tailored marketing strategies that result in more clients and more listings. They help realtors develop their brand and define their unique selling proposition, positioning them to become the go-to agent in their local market, creating clients for life.

Chris and Linda’s passion for real estate and their work within the real estate industry has even landed them an appearance on an HGTV television show.

They’ve been coaching real estate entrepreneurs within their own network exclusively through word-of-mouth prior to taking their expertise to the larger national and international markets, much as they did in a previous coaching business they very successfully operated for 15 years in a different field.

The Early Years

During their university years (a lifetime ago!), Chris and Linda discovered they shared three interests in common that would ultimately play key roles in their future together from that point on – business, marketing, and real estate.

They studied marketing together on the university level and soon came to recognize that they both had a very natural aptitude and genuine passion for it. But at the time each was already headed down other career paths – Chris was pursing a computer science degree and Linda was studying design.

Right after university they were at a fork in the road. They could either each move into their own individual careers, or they could take their passion for marketing and everything they’d learned about it on the university level and pursue an entrepreneurial path together. They made the decision to follow their passion, and straight out of university launched a marketing agency handling promotions for major brands.

Never one to think small, at 22 years of age, Chris boldly picked up the phone to cold call some of the biggest names in the grocery sector — and within 30 days had landed clients with major brands like Kellogs, J.M. Schnieder, Galo Wines, Pepperidge Farms, Canada Safeway and others. Quite the accomplishment for a kid who had just graduated university with a Honours Degree in Computer Science. (In the process, Kellogs wanted to claim him all to themselves – they invited him to come work for them directly, which he graciously declined, so they settled for being his client 🙂 ).

But the life of an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Ultimately the duo learned one of the first of many hard lessons about being an entrepreneur – you know the expression “good help is hard to find”? Its not just an expression. To serve their clients to their best and highest potential, they needed a team who was as committed and dedicated to quality and service as they were. And when it became apparent that the performance of their employees was not to the standard they felt reflected the vision they had for their brand, they made the difficult decision to wind down that business, rather than compromise on quality. But in a real testament to the vision they’d had for their business, some of their clients weren’t so willing to let them go. JM Schnieder, for example, continued to request their services for a full year after their business had officially wound down operations.

A few years later, Linda launched a local business related to her formal education in design, with Chris hard at work on that business behind the scenes by night, while managing his career as a systems analyst by day. While their friends were out doing the things young people did, Chris and Linda were burning the candle at both ends, working hard building their businesses.

That new business quickly went on to become a major player in the local market, ruffling feathers among local competitors. Long established businesses complained to suppliers that the amount of market share Linda and Chris had gained in a very short time was “threatening [their] livlihoods”. In fact, their competitors unsuccessfully attempted to stop major suppliers in the industry from selling to them, in attempt to limit their success, but to no avail.

Several years following that, Chris identified the opportunity to take that business national, and in the process, the duo subsequently built it into an internationally recognized brand within its industry. Their business became recoognized as international leaders in their field, and they were frequently cited in major international media including The New York Times, The New York Daily News, USA Today, Consumer Reports Magazine, The Associated Press, Reuters, The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Post, Tribune Media Services, and many others.

As part of that business, they operated a division which developed and provided training, certification, and coaching for thousands of clients on an international basis for 15 years.

Eventually they were approached by multiple media companies to acquire their high visibility brand.

Subsequent to that chapter in their story, they went on to build yet another successful business, this time in their local real estate market, offering specialized real estate marketing services and working alongside some of the biggest names in real estate in their local market – a business which they continue to operate to the present.

In parallel Chris and Linda have been successful real estate investors for the past 20 years. Their passion for real estate is as powerful now as it was when they first got started as investors 20 years ago. They have successfully flipped, built, and rented quality properties throughout the past 20 years, and have been sought after to share their strategies and techniques for success by other well established real estate investors

Today, Chris and Linda find it extremely rewarding to be coaching real estate entrepreneur, investors, and agents, like you, to grow healthy, profitable, and truly exceptional real estate related businesses based on their unique and extensive level of relevant expertise and experience.

They’d love to have the opportunity to coach and mentor you.


“I come from a long-time real estate family. My dad’s been a full time real estate investor for 30 years, and my sister and I were taught the ropes for this business by him. I thought we had a pretty good knowledge of things. We got to know Chris and Linda through their home staging business (they stage all our properties). In getting to know them I discovered they too are long term property investors. After I recently had a very bad experience with a tenant who trashed my property, I learned from Chris and Linda that they knew strategies that would have gone a long way to prevent a lot of the problems I’d had. I asked them to share their expertise and strategies with me related to that, and became a coaching client. What they taught me was brilliant, and it ended up helping me so much. I’m really impressed at their level of knowledge, and that they were able to teach me things I’d never known to do before, even coming from a real estate family with so many years of experience”.

~ Tara